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[ROM][X10]***FeraLab*** v6.0 Ethernal ROM Android 2.3.4 (11/02/2012)

Hello Everybody) Here Is My Rom! 
New v6.0 Version!!!

Please Carefully read the post..it's not big as it seems..and before asking questions use the "Search Thread" Button and/or check again if you followed the instruction... If you anyway have questions and problems.. click here on dicussion thread:
FeraLab Discussion Thread (Thanks 2 JeffreyPiket)
Thank You.

It's based on stock SE 2.3 and my previous v5.0 rom which was combined from "XSP XperiStation v3.0.1", "vmcms 2.3.4" and "ThGo2 v13.0" roms and adapted for last ver. doomlord kernel. It seems to be a perfect Rom with much free Ram, better Battery usage and a lot of other tweaks and optimizations. In my test I found no lags, everything works fine. Please Write if you find any.
All found bugs in v5.0 were fixed in v6.0 (Exept Big photo widget). Thank you. 

So here are the features of this rom:
- Xperia X10i Android 2.3.4 GB 2.1.71 Baseband
- Optimization for 2.6.29 DoomKernel v06
- Underclock 128 Mhz and Overclock 1.228 Mhz
- Visual FPS Uncap
- AutoRooting
- SuperUser with Latest Binaries
- Market 3.4.4
- Custom Graphic Interface
- Home App and Icons from Xperia S
- Some Modded Apps From Xperia Arc
- New Music Widget from Xperia S (Transparent)
- Latest Gingerbread Keyboard (full)
- New Hi-Res Wallpapers (From Arc, Xperia S, and from Me ;) )
- Facebook™ Integration
- Integrated Media Player Extension (Youtube and Wikipedia extensions)
- Widgets from Xperia Arc Integrated (Animated Weather, Animated Photo&Video, etc.)
- Mobile Bravia™ Engine (stock gallery and video player)
- xLoud™
- Timescape™ Themable
- ***FeraLab*** Bootanimation
- New Theme Manager (7 Different Themes From Xperia S presented)
- New Gallery 3D
- Statusbar from ThGo_v13.0 (Very edited)
- Compcache and JIT Dalvik-cache
- Latest BusyBox
- Memory Optimization (Internal Taskkiller Tweak)
- Some ringtones moved to SDcard
- SDCard Speed fix
- Sysctl Tweaked
- Build.prop Tweaked
- Battery Optimization
- Undervolted
- Network fix
- All cpu governors included (smartass v2 is recommended)
- Camera fixed
- Live Wallpapers
- Java Box (to run JAVA apps)
- OfficeSuite
- PowerSafe Mode
- New Font
- Panorama Beta
- TrackId™
- Torch
- Faster Application Installer (tweaked)
- Virtual Memory fix
- Open VPN
- Adobe Reader
- Autorun Killer (Very Customizable due to cases)
- Equalizer (instead of DSP Manager)
- Flash Player 11
- ASTRO File Manager
- ScreenshotER
- VitalPlayer
- TEAM BatteryBar (MIUI style)
- Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Instead of Stock Sound Recorder)
- DLNA App
- New Andromedia Video and Audio Editor
- AutoBrightness
- Xperia™ Play Game Launcher (Not sure but May improve the performance while playing cause of some scripts)
- Google Apps
- WifiTix Power
Rom Works on both Unlocked and Locked Bootloaders.
*I don't know how it will work on locked bootloaders - I did't tested, but i think it should work fine. Many Users who istalled Rom on locked bootloader say that it works fine. (Maybe some tweaks won't work)

- Stock based Rooted Rom With xRecovery
- Baseband 71

The v6.0 rom won't wipe your data..however it's recomended to make a clean inslatllation..backup your contacts and apps..but not data.. Otherwisse you may get bugs.

~ You need a latest stock-based kernel. Doomkernel v6 is higly recommended!!:
DooMKernel_v6(For Unlocked Bootloaders)
DooMKernel_v6(For Locked Bootloaders)
For Unlocked Bootloaders:
~ Flash it through Flashtool(no wifi modules needed.They are already included.You need them only if you are on stock or another kernel)

For Locked Bootloaders:
~ Flash it through xRecovery (flashing dk through xrecovery will give an ERROR message. But nothing to spam in this thread, as that's the way DoomLoRD made it. Evenif you get error message, dk gets installed.)

~ Download My ROM (Here it is....The Holy v6.0 Link  ):
***FeraLab*** v6.0 Ethernal
~ Before Installation Make a dalvik-cache wipe!!
~ Install ROM through xRecovery
~ Do a couple of reboots to let the Rom settle (First boot may be a bit slow...but then it boots quite fast)(Don't wait to be everything perfect at first boot)

Then For Locked Bootloaders reflash the kernel.

~ After All of This, Flash this Patch through xRecovery(No data wipe):
~ After Installing Patch before rebooting fix permissions through advanced settings of recovery(Othervise SMS App won't work)
~ Then reboot again

Optionally(Flash Through xRecovery):

~ For ICS Theme Lovers Here Is the Theme Patch. Just flash it(no data wipe):
~ Facebook, Timescape and Google Apps:
~ If you don't like Custom font, you can Download and Install this patch to roll back for stock font:
Custom Font Patch
~ If you dont like Battery icon, here is a patch to roll back for stock one:
~ If you dont like Centered Clock (MIUI Style), flash this pach to roll back to stock clock style:

~ Smile, jump or somethink like that) I don't know what you do when you're really happy) I just say - Yeah! 

P.S. Here Is the mirror of all files for those who have problems with donloading (Thanks 2 yeeyon1990):

I will make a full installation and demonstration video by my own soon)

Some Useful Tips and Advices:

- Don't Think that Rom size is too big (182Mb). The Stock SE 2.3.3 Rom is 149Mb and our device has 1Gb of rom memory. It's so big because of hi-res themes and wallpapers. It doesn't mean the rom will be slow..
- You may remove some apps from Autostart Manager App to increase performance and fasten boot of device.
- The Keyboard doesn't work on first boot. So, as I said..make a couple of reboots and everything will be all right.
- The Thin Bar over status bar is not a lag...It is Team Battery Bar That shows the charge of your battery (MIUI Style). If You don't like it - You can disable it from Team Battery Bar App.
- In ICS Theme Patch After booting find Ics Theme and apply it..Customize it)
- In Wifi Tix App The maximum signal strength which is supported by our device is 15dbm. So when you press 18dbm and over it leaves at 15dbm. Minimum signal strength is 4dbm. The Less Signal strength you use - the less battery it drains, the poorer signal wiil be. (It's useful for you use small dbm amount when you use home wifi or you're located near the router.)
- The Rom is Preconfigured to run on doomkernel v6 with preconfigured cpu scaling, governor and i/o sheduler - 128-1151Mhz, SmartAssV2, deadline(If you want to change the values anyway..Just install the app - It won't reconfigure by it's own).
- If You have any problems with SMS app boot in recovery and fix permissions.

Known Bugs:
- Big photo widget bug. (Don't Use it!)
- No..I think

***FeraLab*** v6.0 Ethernal
- Framework Edited
- New Timescape and facebook
- Some Multitaskting tweaks
- Centered Taskbar clock (MIUI Style)(That was realy hard to do :) )
- New Circle Battery icon
- New Settings App
- New TrackId
- New Themes
- Edited Music app
- Headphones jack configuration
- Integrated New wallpapers
- New Call Ringtone ;)
- More Languages Support
- No data wipe on installation
- Stock clock and Stock battery Patches
- Bluetooth File Manager changed to ASTRO FM
- Green Charging Led Fix

***FeraLab*** v5.0 Immortal
- Rom is built completely from zero..being rooted firstly :D .
- Applied New Tweaks, rearranged and rechecked every fix to make it work..Now everything is perfect with them
- Removed Link2SD (was buggy. Apps2sd instead)
- Fully working Timescape and Facebook
- Removed Cpu Master app..No need for it..Best settings are alredy preconfigured.(128-1150Mhz, SmartAssV2, Deadline io Sheduler) (If you want to change the values anyway..Just install the app - It won't reconfigure by it's own)
- New bootanimation
- Some Modded Apps From Xperia Arc
- Xperia S theme chooser, Wallpapers and Icons
- Removed some unuseful system apps
- Battery optimization
- Settings App Fixed
- Transparent Widgets fixed
- Added new xperia S music widget and fixed
- Ram boost
- New ICS theme (Go Launcher with Ics Theme)
- Kernel tweaks
- New Wallpapers
- Updated binaries

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